About Us

Informed and Entertained

From Wags To Riches is an original ‘dogcast’ (podcast). If ever you’ve wanted to make big changes to your life, it’s all about the journey – Let’s Start a DogCare Business and Grow.

From Wags To Riches is a podcast for dog lovers everywhere, for existing or aspiring solopreneurs, and certainly it’s for folk with an interest in the pet care space who just want to be better informed.

The central question for all us, regardless as to what type of business we have, or perhaps aspire to, is how do we do it well, better, enjoy it and make money from it?

Our aim, with the help of our guests is to inform and entertain, maybe even provoke and hopefully inspire – helping you see how you can both succeed and enjoy the journey.

The ‘dogcast’ will be a blend of deep dives on specific topics, as well as intimate and in-depth conversations with people who straddle the dog business world. We’ll be chatting with seasoned professionals and subject matter experts and I’ll ask them about how they got started, what they’ve learnt, their experiences, ideas, strategies, quick wins, and best tips, so we can learn from their success and their failures

This podcast is hosted by Randle Stonier, a former executive of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, an honorary doc, the co-founder of MyWaggyTails – a home boarding, dog daycare and dog walking business, as well as the founder of the Dog Business School – which also helps others start and build their own businesses.

Randle knows what it’s like to kick start a new career, several times over in fact, to get fired, to see an 11 year old business go bust and to lose his family home. And do you know what? It’s a pretty kak experience as the South Africans would say. And as he says, there’s no point lying in the gutter.

From Wags To Riches is here to help you grow your business to another level or to kick start one from scratch. And if I can help you 10X your dreams in the process, and avoid mistakes that I and others have made, hey, there’s a good result.


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